Tshwane University of Technology

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Field of Study
Adv Cert Education - Advanced Certificate in Education
BEd FET Specialisation - Bachelor of Education Further Education and Training Specialisation
BEd GET Foundation Phase - Bachelor of Education General Education and Training Foundation Phase
BEd GET Intermediate/ Senior Phase - Bachelor of Education General Education and Training Intermediate/ Senior Phase
BEd Honours in Early Childhood Development and General Education and Training - Bachelor of Education Honours in Early Childhood Development and General Education and Training
BEnvironmental Health - Bachelor of Enviromental Health
BPharm - Bachelor of Pharmacy
BTech Architecture - Bachelor of Technology Architecture
BTech Business Communiction - Bachelor of Technology Business Communication
BTech Cost and Management Accounting - Bachelor of Technology Cost and Management Accounting
BTech Economic Management Analysis - Bachelor of Technology Economic Management Analysis
BTech Finance and Accounting (Public) - Bachelor of Technology Finance and Accounting (Public)
BTech Financial Information Systems - Bachelor of Technology Financial Information Systems
BTech Internal Auditing - Bachelor of Technology Internal Auditing
BTech International Communiction - Bachelor of Technology International Communication
BTech Journalism - Bachelor of Technology Journalism
BTech Language Practice - Bachelor of Technology Language Practice
BTech Local Government Finance - Bachelor of Technology Local Government Finance
BTech Nursing Science - Bachelor of Technology Nursing Science
BTech Policing - Bachelor of Technology Policing
BTech Public Management - Bachelor of Technology Public Management
BTech Public Relations Management - Bachelor of Technology Public Relations Management
BTech Road Traffic and Municipal Police Management: Municipal and Traffic Policing - Bachelor of Technology Road Traffic and Municipal Police Management: Municipal and Traffic Policing
Dip Industrial Physics - Diploma in Industrial Physics
NC: Webmaster - National Certificate: Webmaster
NDip Accounting - National Diploma Accounting
NDip Agric: Animal Production - National Diploma Agriculture: Animal Production
NDip Agric: Commercial Mixed Farming - National Diploma Agriculture: Commercial Mixed Farming
NDip Agric: Crop Production - National Diploma Agriculture: Crop Production
NDip Agric: Development and Extension - National Diploma Agriculture: Development and Extension
NDip Analytical Chemistry - National Diploma Analytical Chemistry
NDip Biomedical Technology - National Diploma Biomedical Technology
NDip Biotechnology Ext Curr - National Diploma Biotechnology Ext Curriculum
NDip Building - National Diploma Building
NDip Business Communication - National Diploma Business Communication
NDip Clinical Technology - National Diploma Clinical Technology
NDip Correctional Services Management - National Diploma Correctional Services Management
NDip Cost and Management Accounting - National Diploma Cost and Management Accounting
NDip Dance - National Diploma Dance
NDip Dental Assisting - National Diploma Dental Assisting
NDip Dental Technology - National Diploma Dental Technology
NDip Drama - National Diploma Drama
NDip Economic Management Analysis - National Diploma Economic Management Analysis
NDip Ecotourism Management - National Diploma Ecotourism Management
NDip Engineeering: Industrial - National Diploma Industrial Engineering
NDip Engineering: Chemical - National Diploma Chemical Engineering
NDip Engineering: Civil - National Diploma Civil Engineering
NDip Engineering: Electrical - National Diploma Electrical Engineering
NDip Engineering: Mechatronics - National Diploma Mechatronic Engineering
NDip Engineering: Metallurgy - National Diploma Metallurgical Engineering
NDip Engineering:Computer Systems - National Diploma Engineering:Computer Systems
NDip Engineering:Mechanical - National Diploma Mechanical Engineering
NDip Environmental Health - National Diploma Environmental Health
NDip Environmental Sciences - National Diploma Environmental Sciences
NDip Equine Science - National Diploma Equine Science
NDip Fashion - National Diploma Fashion
NDip Film and TV Production - National Diploma Film and TV Production
NDip Finance and Accounting - National Diploma Finance and Accounting
NDip Financial Information Systems - National Diploma Financial Information Systems
NDip Fine Art - National Diploma Fine Arts
NDip Fire Technology - National Diploma Fire Technology
NDip Food Technology Ext Curr - National Diploma Food Technology Extended Curriculum
NDip Game Ranch Management - National Diploma Game Ranch Management
NDip Geology - National Diploma Geology
NDip Graphic Design - National Diploma Graphic Design
NDip Horticulture - National Diploma Horticulture
NDip Inf Tech (spec) - National Diploma Information Technology (spec)
NDip Interior Design - National Diploma Interior Design
NDip Internal Auditing - National Diploma Internal Auditing
NDip International Communication - National Diploma International Communication
NDip Jewellery Design and Manufacture - National Diploma Jewellery Design and Manufacture
NDip Journalism - National Diploma Journalism
NDip Landscape Technology - National Diploma Landscape Technology
NDip Language Practice - National Diploma Language Practice
NDip Legal Assistance - National Diploma Legal Assistance
NDip Local Government Finance - National Diploma Local Government Finance
NDip Local Government Management - National Diploma Local Government Management
NDip Local Government Management - National Diploma Local Government Management
NDip Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics - National Diploma Medical Orthotics and Prosthetics
NDip Multimedia - National Diploma Multimedia
NDip Music - National Diploma Music
NDip Musical Theatre - National Diploma Musical Theatre
NDip Nature Conservation - National Diploma Nature Conservation
NDip Officiating and Coaching Science - National Diploma Officiating and Coaching Science
NDip Performing Arts Technology - National Diploma Performing Arts Technology
NDip Photography - National Diploma Photography
NDip Policing - National Diploma Policing
NDip Public Management - National Diploma Public Management
NDip Public Relations Management - National Diploma Public Relations Management
NDip Radiography Diagnostic - National Diploma Radiography Diagnostic
NDip Road Traffic and Municipal Police Management: Municipal and Traffic Policing - National Diploma Road Traffic and Municipal Police Management: Municipal and Traffic Policing
NDip Somatology - National Diploma Somatology
NDip Sport and Exercise Technology - National Diploma Sport and Exercise Technology
NDip Surveying - National Diploma Surveying
NDIp Textile Design and Technology - National Diploma Textile Design and Technology
NDip Three Dimensional - Design - National Diploma Three Dimensional - Design
NDip Veterinary Technology - National Diploma Veterinary Technology
NDip Vocal Art - National Diploma Vocal Art
NDip Water Care Ext Curr - National Diploma Water Care Extended Curriculum
NHC Accountancy - National Higher Certificate Accountancy
NHC Financial Information Systems - National Higher Certificate Financial Information Systems
Tshwane University of Technology
Staatsartillerie Road, Pretoria West; 0001 Pretoria, South Africa
T: (012) 382 5911
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TUT is the largest residential university in South Africa. The University has nine campuses in Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo, with two learning sites in Durban and Cape Town. TUT offers more than 400 career options, attracting more than 60 000 students annually. TUT is ranked the top University of Technology in Africa (Webometrics).