Department of Transport and Public Works (Full-time)


Department of Transport and Public Works

The bursary policy is applicable to all employees of the department of Public Works, Roads and Transport as well as prospective employees funded to further their development. This bursary will cover the funds from undergraduate up to Masters Level. The bursary will cover the following critical skills in the department. Core-function • Asset Management • Quantity Surveying • Electrical Engineering • Civil and Structural Engineers • Mechanical Engineering • Property valuation and management • Architectural Studies • Project Management • Investment Analysis • Transport Planning • Transport Economics Support Function: • HRM & D Management • Information management and technology • Communications • Risk Management • Internal Auditing • Accounting and Financial Management • Labour Relations • Public Management
Bursary Fields

Accounting, Architecture, Engineering
Who Can Apply

The Department will only consider applicants who have successfully completed their level one subjects and studying towards level two subjects as well as those who have successfully completed level two and studying towards level three.

Bursary Levels


a. Registration and administration fees b. Tuition fees c. Meals ( Breakfast, lunch and supper) d. Hostel Accommodation e. Book fees

Renewals of the bursary shall be subject to the bursary holders' satisfactory progress in his/her studies.
Service Contract

The department may offer the bursary holder a permanent employment upon successful completion of their studies if a suitable vacancy exist (at entry level) within the department. Bursary holders who are required to serve internship programme will do so with the department.
Closing Date

30 September 2022
Contact Details

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