Physical Sciences

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Physical Sciences

Physical Sciences


Physical sciences are concerned with the physical and chemical properties of objects, as opposed to the study of living things in the Life Sciences. We need to understand how the physical environment works so that we can benefit from it and care for it responsibly.  Indigenous knowledge which communities have held for generations has been the source of many new scientific developments.  Disciplines of the physical sciences include astronomy, geosciences, mathematics, materials science, meteorology, physics and chemistry.


The Physical Sciences develop a range of skills, such as observing, measuring and comparing, designing and conducting experiments, interpreting and communicating results to an audience, using and applying knowledge and laws to everyday circumstances and unique situations.

  • Matter and Materials
  • Chemical Systems
  • Chemical Change
  • Mechanics
  • Waves, Sound and Light
  • Electricity and Magnetism
Should I take Physical Sciences?

If you are interested in Physics and Chemistry and you are good at Mathematics then take Physical Science. If you enjoy a challenge and you are considering entering a career in the engineering or scientific field, take Physical Science! Do not take Physical Science if you have no interest in Science, and you find it difficult to understand the concepts.  If you find Mathematics difficult, then do not take Physical Science.



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