Subject Choice - Advanced Programme Mathematics (AP Maths)

Advanced Programme Mathematics also known as AP Maths or Admaths is part of the Independent Examination Board's (IEB) Advanced Programme courses which are available to both independent and state schools. AP Maths is quality assured by Umalusi and successful learners receive a certificate issued by the IEB.  AP Maths is considered comparable in demand to the UK A-levels. Advanced Programme Mathematics, is designed to give academically gifted students the opportunity of studying Mathematics in greater depth.  


It is offered as 3-year course from Grades 10 to 12 and is designed for students with a strong conceptual base for mathematics and who wish to be challenged further in the subject. There are, two major advantages to taking AP Maths:

  • AP Maths has a positive rollover effect on subjects such as mathematics and physical science at school. This is because ad-maths teaches learners to approach abstract problems in a different way.
  • It gives students a head start at university in fields especially in such as engineering, medicine, computer science and actuarial science where Mathematics is a foundation subject.


The curriculum includes calculus, algebra, statistics, matrices & applications. It may also include mathematical modelling relating to finance, finance statistics and probability.

Should I take this subject?

  • If you have a passion for the subject
  • If you are well grounded in the concepts of mathematics
  • If you would like to study in a field related to mathematics after school.


Ad Maths can be applied directly to careers in the fields of Finance, EngineeringScience and Mathematics as well as IT.

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