What is a Bachelor's Pass?

Getting a bachelor's pass in matric does not guarantee university entrance

What is a Bachelor's Pass?

What is a Bachelor's pass? 

A bachelor's pass in matric is the minimum requirement legislated by government for entrance to study a degree at university. However, even if you achieve this requirement there is no guarantee of a place at university. This is because university has its own requirements for entry based on APS score. 

A Bachelor's pass (previously known as matric with exemption) will allow you to study towards a degree at university

  • Pass 6 of your 7 subjects 
  • Obtain at least 40% for your Home Language
  • Obtain at least 50% in 4 subjects (excluding Life Orientation)
  • Obtain at least 30% in 2 other subjects. 

Entry requirements (APS)

Over and above the the pass requirements, each university or university of technology has its own minimum entry requirements. When you apply to a university you will be required to produce your marks (if you are in Grade 12 then you will be required to produce your final Grade 11 marks) which will be converted to an APS score to determine what programmes you will be accepted into. Each university will have its own minimum APS score requirements per course. Contact the university or visit the university website to check APS requirements. 

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