Astrologers study the movements of celestial objects such as the planets to understand, explain and predict human events. An astrologer provides advice to people on what to expect in the future based on a birth date and through interpretation of celestial bodies at birth and their placements at the time of the event. Astrologers make predictions to how the "stars" influence a person’s personality and the choices they make throughout life.

The practice of astrology is almost as old as time itself. It began when people attempted to predict seasonal shifts based on celestial cycles. Many cultures have develpoed elaborate systems to try to unsderstand how celestial systems impact and predict everyday events. 

Westernised astrology is often associated with horoscpes that claim to explain personality and predicts events in peoples lives and indeed in the worls itself. 

Since the advent of scientific principles and their abilty to be proven, astronomy has beeen challenged as a science and is now regarded as a pseudo-science. Despite this almost as many as 25% of western society still believe in its validity.

Personal Requirements

Astrologers deal with people and as a result need to show the same personality traits as any person acting in a counselling or advisory profession. These include good listening skills, empathty, and communication skills.

How to Enter

To become an Astrologer a person needs to take several courses that are offered. Astrology is very nuanced and in many instances culturally specific which means that one needs to study many varying aspects which are unlikely to be offered in any single course. There are both face-to-face and online courses to be taken.

What to Study

Schooling & School Subjects

No set level of school required, but it is suggested that you progress as far as you can at school.


An astrologer would normally charge for their services providing advice and guidance to clients on a range of personal life issues, namely in the areas of romance, relationships, employment and personal finance.

An astrologer usually begins the process of assessment by plotting the client’s place of birth using longitude and latitude noting this on a chart commonly known as an astrological wheel. 

Further Information

Do your own research and speak to various people to get a good idea of what astrology is about. 

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