Professional Bloggers are responsible for writing, editing and promoting the content of a blog. Bloggers post new content including videos, images, and articles regularly on various topics, some of the more popular categories being: travel, music, healthy living, food, fashion, pets, celebrity news, weather, cars, and beauty. The act of writing on a blog is called blogging whereas the writer of the blog is known as the Blogger. The word blog comes from the word Weblog, a combination of “web” and “log”, as in log entry in a diary. In other words weblogs were originally designed as online diaries or journals where the author would keep a daily diary or journal of personal events, thoughts and reflections. For this reason Blogs often reflect the personality of the author and are written in reverse chronological order so that the reader can see the latest entries and make comment on these.

A Blogger’s tasks may include the following:

  • setting up of the blog
  • conducting research for new postings
  • post to the blog
  • analysing comments from readers and posting responses
  • analysing traffic and statistics related to the usage
  • finding relevant videos, photos reference material to include in the post
  • editing and making corrections to posts

Bloggers may be self-employed, or they may be employed or contracted by various organisations to write a blog on behalf of the organisation they represent. Bloggers may work with a team of people involved in the promotion and communications of an organisation or brand, including, web hosting providers, web designers, media managers, public relations, advertising and communications personelle.    

A Blogger's success is determined by the web user traffic that they are able to generate from their blog. The success of a blogger is determined by their ability to sustain existing readers and increase the number of unique readers to the blog. As such bloggers are required to implement strategies to improve the readership on their blog through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) This requires, inserting basic keywords and more advanced SEO strategies. In addition, a Blogger must promote the blog through social media platforms, using their networks or by advertising the blog. 

Personal Requirements

  • passionate about a specific topic or theme when writing a personal blog   
  • creative in order to come up with new ideas for themes and topics relating to the blog
  • experience and knowledge within a specific subject area or field
  • in the case of a corportate blog then a good general knowledge is required
  • self-disciplined in order to write daily  
  • excellent written communication skills 
  • adaptable when writing for multiple different blogs 
  • analytical skills in order to understand the target audience and interpret data relating to the reader's demographics and statistics

How to Enter

Schooling & School Subjects

Compulsory Subjects: Art or a related subjects is highly recommended
Recommended subjects: Art, Design Studies, Engineering and Graphic Design


  • An art portfolio is required to demonstrate your creativity, abilities and commitment.
  • If you intend studying towards a degree in Fine Art at university, you will need to a Bachelor's pass in matric. If you intend studying a diploma in an art-related field, then you will need a Diploma pass in matric.
  • Meet the admission requirements (APS) set by the university or requirements set by the college.

What to Study

There is no set qualification for becoming a blogger, however, if you have expertise within a specific area of study this can assist with your ability to create a successful blog.


Bloggers may be self-employed in writing a personal blog or may be employed or contracted by various organisations to write a blog on behalf of the company or organisation they represent.

Programmes by Study Institutions

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