Credit Manager

Credit Manager oversees a company's credit risk and ensures timely and accurate credit assessments.

A Credit Manager plays a pivotal role in financial management by overseeing an organisation's credit operations. Their primary responsibility is to evaluate the creditworthiness of customers, establish credit limits, and ensure adherence to payment terms. They monitor outstanding balances, manage credit risks, and formulate strategies to minimise bad debt. Collaborating with sales and finance teams, they strike a balance between revenue generation and risk mitigation. Through prudent decision-making and effective communication, a Credit Manager contributes to maintaining healthy cash flow and sustaining positive customer relationships.


  • Assessing credit applications.
  • Determining credit limits and terms.
  • Monitoring overdue accounts.
  • Negotiating payment arrangements.
  • Developing credit policies.
  • Analysing financial data.
  • Managing credit team.
  • Reporting credit metrics.


  • Financial analysis.
  • Risk assessment.
  • Negotiation skills.
  • Data interpretation.
  • Leadership abilities.


  • Banks and financial institutions.
  • Retail and e-Commerce companies.
  • Manufacturing firms.
  • Telecommunications providers.
  • Wholesale distributors.

Further Information

  • Research job descriptions and responsibilities on job websites.
  • Explore industry associations and forums related to finance and credit management.
  • Connect with professionals in the field on LinkedIn for insights.
  • Attend seminars, workshops, or webinars on credit management.
  • Seek informational interviews with Credit Managers to gain firsthand insights.

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