Light Delivery Van Driver

Drivers of light delivery vans transport goods from suppliers to stores and customers. These transport loads are relatively light and usually comprise a number of small consignments for different customers. The routes for delivery vans are normally limited to a certain radius, for example, within a city and surrounding districts, but not to other cities.

Drivers of light delivery vans are responsible for checking the condition and safety of the vehicle before making deliveries and must report vehicle defects to the correct authority, for example, a fleet manager as soon as possible. They unload goods for customers and ensure that they sign delivery notes. Drivers are sometimes responsible for receiving money and issuing receipts.

Drivers usually work regular hours on the same routes every day. In the case of the delivery of newspapers or fresh products such as milk, they have to start work very early in the morning. Depending on new deliveries, the routes may also change.

Personal Requirements

  • at least 18 years old, with a valid driver’s licence
  • responsible, with sober habits
  • good driving record
  • be alert and attentive
  • have physical fitness and stamina
  • good eyesight and eye-hand coordination
  • good coordination between right and left and manual dexterity
  • able to judge distances and heights accurately
  • willing to work shifts
  • mechanical aptitude to perform emergency repairs

How to Enter

Schooling & School Subjects

No specific requirements

What to Study

Delivery van drivers receive in-service training from their employers. New drivers usually accompany drivers with experience on their routes. Some employers give instructions to newcomers on the handling and delivering of the Drivers license - Code B or C1.


  • private transport companies
  • companies that offer customers a delivery service
  • self-employment, with experience and capital, can buy your own vehicle to start a delivery business

Further Information

Any of the above potential employers

Getting Started

  • try to get a vacation job as an assistant to a driver of a light delivery van
  • speak to a light delivery van driver about this work and ask permission to observe them

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