Platelayers are responsible for laying down and maintaining a designated section of railway line and checking the safety of the area surrounding the track, especially bridges, tunnels and drains. They are assisted by and responsible for the supervision of teams of workers.

Plateleyers tend the machines that form plates of built-up mica, dump mica splittings into the machine hopper and fill the supply tanks with binding solution, then start the machine that distributes the mica splittings on the conveyor, sprays the splittings with binding solution and dries continuous sheets of mica. 

Controls on the hopper are adjusted to regulate the flow of splittings according to the thickness of the mica plates.  They examine the mica plates at the discharge end of the machine to detect variations in thickness, then cut the mica sheets into plates of the specified length, using a cutter attached to a table.  Oven controls are adjusted to regulate the temperature.

The supervisor will need to be notified of machine malfunctions.

Personal Requirements

  • physical stamina
  • meticulous attention paid to safety considerations
  • responsible
  • have integrity

How to Enter

Schooling & School Subjects

Grade 10 Certificate

What to Study

Spoornet offers an in-service training course through their training college. The candidate has to pass a Spoornet aptitude test.



Getting Started

  • try to obtain vacation or part-time work with Spoornet
  • arrange to speak to a platelayer about this type of career

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