Satellite Systems Technician

A satellite systems technician puts up television aerials, satellite and digital dishes and attaches them to buildings. The technician will select a suitable receiver for the area and ensure that a good signal is received, discuss its location with the customer.

A satellite systems technician is required to assemble the mast or dish equipment, and connect the cable to it and to the junction box or TV top decoder. The dish or aerial is firmly attached to the building using brackets, bolts etc, and the cable run to the agreed position inside the building. Adjustments are made for best reception, and finally the receiver is tuned.

This career entails activities relating to the designing, planning, manufacturing and managing of systems, equipment and components used in engineering and related areas. The aspirant satellite installer should probably enjoy designing mechanical equipment, manufacturing and maintaining electrical / electronic equipment, designing and manufacturing systems and components in the telecommunication area, as well as monitoring and operating instruments (e.g. electronic, mechanical etc.) and systems.

Personal Requirements

  • be able to work on your own if necessary
  • be careful and have common sense
  • have a good head for heights
  • be practical
  • have good manual skills and stamina

How to Enter

Schooling & School Subjects

Compulsory Subjects: Mathematics, Physical Science
Recommended subjects: Engineering and Graphic Design

What to Study

LenSal Satellite TV Academy
Tel: (011) 660-6759


  • private companies
  • manufacturers of radio and television equipment
  • manufacturers of electrical appliances
  • self-employed - as a skilled satellite systems technician you can start your own business

Getting Started

  • do volunteer or part-time work with a company that instals satellite receivers
  • speak to a satellite installer about this career

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