Uber Driver

Since its launch in 2012, Uber has become the most recognized app based car-for-hire service. Uber offers a similar services to the traditional taxi service, the difference is, it relies on smartphone technology to manage communicatation, navigation and payment transactions directly with the client.  Other similar services, such as Lyft and Taxify have sprung up following Uber's success but Uber remains the most popular.

Uber driver's use cars to transport passengers who place orders through the Uber app. Uber drivers cater for business travellers, tourists, students and anybody who wants to get to a destination within a certain range. They provide assistance to passengers entering and exiting the vehicles, and help them with any luggage. The fare is determined by the Uber app based on the trip distances and times. There several Uber services to choose from, each with a different rider capacity, a different cost, and a different purpose. The most common Uber services are: UberX, XL, Select, POOL, and Black. The advantage of being an Uber driver is that one may start off by driving for an Uber vehicle owner before purchasing a vehicle. 

Some of the duties include:

  • picking up and delivering customers.
  • choosing the best routes to destinations by using maps and GPS
  • helping to load and unload the vehicle.
  • keeping the vehicle clean and in good working order
  • maintaining the phone app to navigate the vehicle
  • maintaining a clean and inviting vehicle for passengers
  • communicating with passengers, offering a safe and welcoming ride to their destination

Some satisfying aspects of this career include:

  • working without close supervision
  • potentially work in your own business
  • flexible working hours (work whenever you want)
  • working with new people from all walks of life
  • travelling

Some demanding aspects may include:

  • having to drive at various times depending on demand
  • working weekends, evenings or holidays
  • working under pressure
  • driving in rush hour traffic
  • driving in adverse weather conditions
  • taking responsibility for the safety of the passengers

Personal Requirements

  • at least 21years old
  • in possession of a valid driver’s licence
  • good driving skills
  • good sense of direction
  • patient when waiting for customers
  • able to deal with rude customers
  • calm temperament for driving in congested traffic
  • reliable, so will pick up customers at times
    agreed upon
  • responsible and have integrity

How to Enter

Minimum vehicle requirements

All vehicles must have:

  • Commercial vehicle insurance 
  • Be in excellent working and physical condition. 
  • A working radio
  • Air conditioning

Four doors Requirements vary by city, but there are a few minimum requirements:

  • A valid Professional driving permit (PrDP)
  • All partners must have public liability insurance
  • Complete a safety screening
  • Pass a driving evaluation
  • 21 years old

What to Study

There is no formal study path to becoming an Uber Driver. Note however! Self-driving technology has the potential to change the way transportation is offered. Therefore keep abreast with these changes which may affect your future career as an Uber driver. Make sure that you study further and build new skills so that you are able to adapt should driverless cars start becoming more common.

Further Information

For more information visit https://www.uber.com

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