Occupations By Field : Engineering

This field involves the use of scientific methods and principles to design and develop and construct things. Individuals in this field enjoy finding creative solutions to practical problems. They are logical and methodical in their approach and these abilities are complemented by a creative approach to problem solving. This creative side is manifest in an ability to design or conceptualise the end result. Careers in this category are intellectually challenging and those who succeed in engineering are unlikely to be satisfied with merely knowing ‘how’ something works. They need to know ‘why’ something works.

Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineer
Agricultural Engineer
Air Traffic Controller
Aircraft Radartrician
Automation and Control Engineer or Industrial Engineer
Biofuel Engineer
Biomedical Engineer
Building Surveyor
Chemical Engineer
Civil Engineer
Coal Technologist
Commercial Pilot
Computer Software Engineer
DevOps Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Electronics Engineer
Energy Conservationist
Energy Engineer
Engineering Technologists and Technicians
Environmental Engineer
Explosives Technologist
Extraction Metallurgist
Flight Engineer
Geotechnical Engineer
Geotechnician and Geotechnologist
Hydroelectric Power Plant Production Manager

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