Occupations By Field : Finance

This field involves careers that require working with figures and numbers, mostly in a business environment. People who do well in these careers are systematic and methodical thinkers, have an eye for detail and are able to work with accuracy. Careers in the financial fields are strategic to business operations because figures play the most central role of any business activity. The role of computers in the financial world is more central than in the past.

Assessor or Appraiser (Valuer)
Banking Careers
Business Development Manager
Business Economist
Business Systems Analyst
Chartered Accountant
Chartered Secretary
City Treasurer
Credit Controller
Credit Manager
Customs Compliance Manager
Debt Counsellor
Debtors Clerk
External Auditor
Financial Accountant
Financial and Investment Manager
Financial Dealer and Broker
Industrial Economist
Industry Analyst
Insurance Industry
Management Accountant
Management Consultant
Office Manager or Administrator
Purchasing Manager

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