Occupations By Field : Sport

This occupation field involves a career in sport or careers related to the sport industry. Due to the commercialisation of sport, wonderful opportunities exist to achieve one's dreams and goals. A person wanting to participate in the sport industry as a career may take one of a number of routes:

1. Play sport as a career (sportsman/sportswoman), 

2. Work with sports people on the field (coach, trainer, physio or doctor), 

3. Manage sports events (sports manager, sports promoter, gym owner).

Most people who pursue sport as a career have played a sport at a provincial or national level. As a professional sportsman/woman, careful planning is needed because of age limitations associated with performance. Furthermore, different types of sports have different income potential. High-risk sports also have the potential of shortening your competitive years due to injury.

Adventure Tourism Operator
Aerobics Instructor
Event Producer
Exercise or Sports Scientist
Fitness and Health Consultant
Fitness and Health Consultant and Instructor
Golf Caddie
Horse Stud Manager
Horse Trainer
Marketing Manager
Personal Trainer
Professional Sportsperson
Recreation Manager or Officer
Sales Representative
Ski and Snowboard Instructor
Sport Administrator
Sport Agent
Sport Manager
Stable Hand
Stunt Performer
Teacher (Educator)

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