Occupations By Field : Clerical and Secretarial

This field involves working in an office environment using office equipment such as computers to assist you. People in these careers are well-organised, systematic and methodical in their approach to tasks. They have good interpersonal skills and work well in a routine environment. Clerical careers serve a supporting role in business and have become more important due to the fast pace of business and the need for companies to run smoothly. Computers and administrative systems require a good command of computers and certain computer software.

Administration Manager
Administration Officer
Aeronautical Information Service Clerk
Call Centre Agent or Operator
Cargo Manager
Chartered Secretary
Committee Clerk
Company Secretary
Credit Controller
Credit Manager
Customer Services Agent
Customs and Excise Officer
Customs Compliance Manager
Customs Controller
Data Capturer
Debt Counsellor
Debtors Clerk
Depot Manager
Ground Hostess
Inventory and Stores Manager
Librarian and Information Worker
Library Assistant
Mail Handler
Office Manager or Administrator

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