Occupations By Field : Educational and Social Support

This field refers to careers of service that help to improve the quality of life and well-being of individuals, families, groups, and communities. Careers in this field include activities to educate, train, mentor, counsel and support people of various ages. Careers vary widely, depending on the subject of specialisation and the age of the target individuals or groups. For example, there is a vast difference in teaching style between an educator in primary school and a lecturer at university, or between an adult educator and a health instructor demonstrating to an aerobics class. Special interest fields exist for people who wish to specialise, for instance, a person in general education may wish to specialise in remedial education.

Addictions Counsellor
Adult Educator
Agile Coach
Art Therapist
Au Pair
Careers Counsellor
Childcare Worker
Clinical Psychologist
Compensation and Benefits Clerk
Drama Teacher and Therapist
Driving Instructor
Educarer or Early Childhood Development Practitioner
Educational Psychologist
Educator - Pre-primary and Kindergarten
Educator - Primary School
Educator : High School
Environmental Education or Interpretation Officer
Environmental Education Specialist
Family Planning Community Worker
Fitness and Health Consultant
Fitness and Health Consultant and Instructor
Flying Instructor
Flying Simulator Instructor
HIV and AIDS Counsellor
Hospice Worker
Learning Materials Developer
Librarian and Information Worker

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