Occupations By Field : Information Technology

This field relates to careers in the computer and IT industry. People who are well suited to these careers have a fascination with computers and express this interest by spending much of their time and spare time exploring its many functions and applications. Careers in IT vary according to the level of technical skill required. For instance, - Electronic Engineers develop new electronic equipment, whereas Computer Technicians fix computers; - System Analysts develop and design complex networks and data exchange systems, whereas Programmers work on one application in the system; - Programmers develop new software, whereas other types of programmers take existing software programs and develop applications for them; - Network Controllers take care of complex networks, whereas Operators take care of only one aspect of a network. Other careers within the IT industry combine technical computer knowledge with people management and interpersonal skills. These include project management (co-ordinate and manage the roll-out of projects); marketing (sell brand and complete network systems); retail (selling pre-packaged software and games); web design (look and feel); electronic publishing (creating content for the internet) etc.

AdSense Specialist
Agile Coach
Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning Engineer
Big Data Engineer or Architect
Blockchain Developer
Business Intelligence Analyst
Business Systems Analyst
CAD Designer
Cloud Computing Analyst
Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
Cloud Solutions Architect
Computer and Information Research Scientist
Computer and Information Systems Manager (CIS Manager)
Computer Cyber Security Specialist
Computer Data Administrator
Computer Forensic Analyst
Computer Network and Systems Engineer
Computer Network Technician
Computer Operations Manager and Project Manager
Computer Operator
Computer Science Teacher
Computer Scientist
Computer Software Engineer
Computer Support Specialist
Computer Terminal Operator
Content Marketing Manager
Cybersecurity Analyst
Cybersecurity Consultant
Data Analyst

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