Occupations By Field : Plants and Animals

This field involves mainly working outdoors, with activities associated with plants and animals. People in these careers have a passion for nature which is expressed through their curiosity and a need to explain how the natural world works: the interaction of animals in groups, the migration patterns of birds, the workings of an ecosystem and a food chain. Although these careers are not well paid, the worldwide emphasis on conservation and tourist opportunities has created increasing career opportunities.

Adventure Tourism Operator
Agricultural Economist
Agricultural Engineer
Agricultural Extension Officer
Agricultural Inspector
Agricultural Scientist
Agricultural Technician
Animal Attendant
Animal Behaviourist
Animal Breeder
Animal Husbandry Specialist
Animal Inspector
Animal Nutritionist
Animal Scientist
Animal Trainer
Apiarist or Beekeeper
Biodiversity Information Management Technician or Specialist
Biodiversity or Conservation Planner
Bird Farm or Avian Manager
Blacksmith or Farrier
Bonsai Culturist
Conservation and Wildlife Management Careers
Conservator and Curator
Curator: Natural Science

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