Occupations By Field : Management and Planning

This field involves the managing of a department or a business. Effective managers are good planners and good organisers, and are able to influence others positively so that goals are achieved and targets are met. Effective managers have a strong self-belief, a lot of energy and an optimistic outlook. A person cannot become a manager without the necessary qualifications and experience. Managers on the highest level in the corporate world have a good knowledge of accountancy, economics, commercial law and other specialised knowledge. In addition to these qualifications, they possess a sound knowledge of the business, which can only be acquired over a period of time. Managers in specialist areas of expertise are some of the fastest growing and most challenging - these include: Marketing Manager, Production Manager, Hotel Manager, Human Resource Manager, etc.

Administration Manager
Agile Coach
Airport Manager
Airport Planner
Branch Manager
Building or Construction Manager
Business Development Manager
Business Intelligence Analyst
Change Management Professional
Chief Executive Officer
Clothing Manager
Compensation and Benefits Clerk
Content Creator
Credit Manager
Credit or Loans Officer
Crewing Manager
Customer Service Manager
Customs Compliance Manager
Data Analyst
Data Scientist
Dealer in Oriental Carpets
Depot Manager
Digital Transformation Specialist
Director of Marketing
Ecommerce Programme Manager
E-Commerce Specialist
Environmental Manager
Event Producer
Finance Manager
Fleet Manager

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