Occupations By Field : Crafts

This field involves practical careers which entail creating or decorating objects using one's hands. This type of person is more interested in getting the job done rather than focusing on the background theory. They have a common-sense approach to life, making the best use of materials and resources. People in craft-related careers produce products or provide services that are useful and/or pleasing to look at. Crafts often begin as hobbies and grow into careers over time. They lend themselves very well to the creation of small businesses.

Apiarist or Beekeeper
Architectural Metalworker
Art Therapist
Au Pair
Beauty Careers
Body Make-Up Artist
Bonsai Culturist
Brewer or Brewery Technologist
Ceramic Artist
Childcare Worker
Clothing Designer
Clothing Patternmaker
Confectionary Baker
Confectionary Maker
Costume Designer
Desktop Publisher
Diamond Cutter
Fashion Designer
Fast Food Cook
Fibreglass Worker or Laminator
Floor Covering Installer
Food Service Manager
Glass Blower

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